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Maureen Crosbie - Gallus Glass
Maureen Crosbie - Gallus Glass

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I have been working with glass and lead for more than 15 years.

Having trained as a painter at Glasgow School of Art, I found the medium of glass complemented my work. Although I delight in the challenge of working on significant permanent installations, large-scale pieces are not always practical or affordable for clients. By making smaller, less expensive, free-hanging panels -still using the tradition of leaded glass - people are able to bring distinguished beauty into their homes at a reasonable cost.

My influences include the tradition of painting, Angus landscapes and historical imagery.

Glass has a range of possibilities of colour, intensity and texture which can often enhance the simplest of design. Although stained glass is experiencing a revival, as people realise the value of traditional crafts, glass panels, are always a point of focus in the home or public environment. They respond to changes in light as the day and seasons progress, providing an ever-changing mood.

I undertake commissions of any size and for any occasion. I enjoy working alongside clients to ensure a result which will suit both budget and taste. If you would like to discuss the possibility of commissioning a stained glass window or panel, please contact me.

Year Established: 1992

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Maureen Crosbie - Gallus Glass
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Maureen Crosbie - Gallus Glass
Maureen Crosbie - Gallus Glass

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