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Brodie Nairn - Glasstorm Contemporary Glass Studio
Brodie Nairn - Glasstorm Contemporary Glass Studio

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Brodie has recently established a new Highlands based contemporary glass studio 'GLASSTORM' based in Tain, Ross-shire with fellow glass artsist Nichola Burns.

My work is inspired by many things in the natural world, whether that be the beautiful lines of the human body, the intriguing structures of a seed or pod casing, pebbles or rocks worn away by the sands of time, sunlight bouncing of the cracks of a frozen loch. All these moments and so many more too many to list inspire me. If it’s possible to interpret any of these moments and emotions into the glass that I make, then that is my goal.

I am also fascinated by light and how it plays such an important role in the work that I make. Glass as a material eats light and yet also empowers light glass can be dark and mysterious or colourful and radiant glass can be hard and sharp but also soft and smooth, it can be cold and rough or hot and slippery, this illusive material with these complex characteristics still after many years continues to charm and enchant me.

My aim is to first engage the viewer by blowing beautiful sensual forms. Then often dissecting them to reveal their inner space. I then mark the outside of the glass in a variety of ways so as to create different surface textures.

The cut edges of my work are often highly polished which can refract the inner space filled full of subtle colours and sweeping graceful curves.

All of these subtle details are very important to me and my work has been described as 'having a sensual line with an underlying tension.'

In 2002 Brodie returned to his native Highlands of Scotland after a decade of making glass in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. During this time he has worked with many of the leading glass designers/makers within Europe and the USA.

Brodie Nairn - Glasstorm Contemporary Glass Studio
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Brodie Nairn - Glasstorm Contemporary Glass Studio
Brodie Nairn - Glasstorm Contemporary Glass Studio

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