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Nichola Burns - GLASSTORM Contemporary Glass Studio
Nichola Burns - GLASSTORM Contemporary  Glass Studio

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In August 2002 Nichola returned to her native Scotland after a decade of making glass in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United States. During this time she has worked with many of the leading glass designers/makers within Europe and the USA most notably Toots Zynsky in Amsterdam and Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg in Switzerland.

She creates energetic, exuberant and vital sculptural forms in hot glass. Considered a colourist by fellow glass artists her works are carefully crafted to incorporate many colours and textures creating unique artworks that delight the viewer.

“My work is fairly organic in nature. I try to replicate movement and feeling into my glass works by creating multi-layers by pulling, tweezing and willing the glass to move in many directions at once. I have always enjoyed painting and the application of colours in my work is hugely important with colours often blending or being enhanced by magnification by clear strands. I try to re-create a 'moment in time' for instance the feeling of seeing a small fire burn in the night or ink dispersing in water; all those little things we all witness and think how beautiful it is for that instance. Like a child witnessing something for the first time”. Nichola Burns, November 2005

Nichola and fellow glass artist Brodie Nairn have recently established a new Highlands based contemporary glass studio ‘GLASSTORM’ based in Tain, Ross-shire.

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Nichola Burns - GLASSTORM Contemporary Glass Studio
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Nichola Burns - GLASSTORM Contemporary Glass Studio
Nichola Burns - GLASSTORM Contemporary Glass Studio

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