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Jackie Selcraig - Gracie J Designs
Jackie Selcraig - Gracie J Designs

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Based in the Scottish Borders I am a jewellery designer working from home. I am reasonably "new" to this business, although have been a creative dabbler for longer than I care to mention. But I am very excited to showcase my first portfolio of work here which I would describe as being stunning, different, truly versatile and beautifully simple.

My range features a combination of chunky statement pieces like the orbit range, and more delicate and sophisticated styles like moonchip and moonrock. Most of the pieces incorporate my trademark simple fastenings.

The raw materials I use are of the very best quality. The ceramic beads, dipped in pure silver, copper and 24-carat gold look and feel like the "real thing"; the glazed beads appear almost edible. The leather becomes softer, more tactile and fantastic to wear each time you put it on. The felt liners in each box are like small works of art alone. All of these combine to create a gift so special that you won't want to give it away.

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Jackie Selcraig - Gracie J Designs
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Jackie Selcraig - Gracie J Designs
Jackie Selcraig - Gracie J Designs

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