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Graeme Walker, Walker Forge & Design
Graeme Walker, Walker Forge & Design

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In 1999 Graeme left a career as an archaeologist to study blacksmithing at the internationally renowned National School of Blacksmithing in Hereford.

After mastering the fundamentals of the craft, he progressed to working as an assistant to notable artist-blacksmiths in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Scotland and Spain, along the way, receiving two 'Reserve Champion' awards from the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths for exhibited work.

Since 2004, his practice has been running from his forge near Kelso in the Scottish Borders. He works predominantly on a commission basis, specialising in individually designed site-specific items.

His commissioned work is wide-ranging, encompassing external architectural features, such as gates, railings, balconies etc, and internal fittings such as hearth-furniture, door-furniture, lighting, tables and chairs. He also creates centrepieces such as pavilions, rose-tunnels, arches and water-features for large estates and small gardens. A further part of his output involves ecclesiastical commissions, and also some period restoration work. The principal medium used in such commissions is mild-steel, although wrought-iron, stainless-steel, bronze, copper, brass and wood are also worked where necessitated by the design.

Design inspiration is often informed by the architectural style or period of the building for which the item is commissioned, or where the commission is located in a garden inspiration is often drawn from natural forms, incorporating organic themes such as foliate or tendril-like design cues.

Gallery and exhibition work in his own style displays a clean, 'spare' aesthetic influenced by German master-smiths of the late twentieth century. A key element in his work is the highly visible surface-texture resulting from forging, where the imprint of hammer and fire are clearly evident. These traces enliven the pieces and bear testament to the passion needed to bring mind, heart and hand together to create something remarkable from a raw material as recalcitrant and unwilling to yield to the smiths bidding as steel.

Year Established: 2004

Graeme Walker, Walker Forge & Design
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Graeme Walker, Walker Forge & Design
Graeme Walker, Walker Forge & Design

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