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Hannah Louise Lamb - Jewellery
Hannah Louise Lamb - Jewellery

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A graduate of The Royal College of Art (2004), and Glasgow School of Art (2000), Hannah has exhibited her jewellery internationally. The skills Hannah employs in making her jewellery are rooted in traditional fabrication techniques and quality workmanship, focusing specifically on intricate hand-piercing and cut-outs. The investment of her time and skill into the pieces is paramount to their beauty and desirability.

Hannah received a Scottish Arts Council set up grant in 2004, after her MA in London and residencies in Edinburgh, Oakham and India. She set up in Coburg House Art Studios in Edinburgh from where she now works. She designs and makes jewellery for exhibitions and to commission.

Hannah's designing is intuitive, informed by a continued appreciation for the world around her at home in Edinburgh or from her childhood in Cornwall. Inspiration is found in an array of familiar items; coastline maps, garden birds, butterflies, family pets, wallpaper patterns. In essence, it is the day-to-day iconography of our homes in the contemporary world that become her subject matter.

Year Established: August 2004

Hannah Louise Lamb - Jewellery
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Hannah Louise Lamb - Jewellery
Hannah Louise Lamb - Jewellery

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