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Although I use many different techniques to make jewellery, simplicity is a key element in the pieces I produce.
The theme of my work is inspired by texture and organic shapes rather than perfect and even lines. Although I aim for a balance in my work where smooth lines and polished silver and gold give equilibrium to pieces which would otherwise be overpowered by too much texture. I have discovered new textures through manipulation of silver and gold, exploring their hidden qualities by exposing the different reactions of the metals over a range of various processes. These range from metal fusion and reticulation to rolling the metals with indiscriminate materials such as embossed patterned paper, other metals and founds objects. Granulating and fusing metals together and then reworking them adds another dimension to my jewellery. I love the 'accidents' which happen through this procedure, as these create a new layer to my library of surface finishes.
I sometimes use Precious Metal Clay (*PMC) combined with silver, 18ct gold and 23ct gold leaf. PMC's versatility has opened up a wide and expanding range of exciting designs. Specific patterns using photo etching techniques and creating intricate moulds, has allowed me to develop a catalogue of unique work specific to this material.
Recently I have been experimenting with porcelain paper clay, combining it with silver and gold in an aim to work with larger, stand-alone, decorative pieces. Forming folding shapes is the inspiration for these pieces. More sample to be done first though...


Strathearn Gallery Prize, Awarded a Licentiateship of The Society of Designer Craftsmen with Distinction. Invited to exhibit at One-Year-On. Invited to sell work at G8 summit 2006. Business Woman of the Year Award. Granted funding for equipment....

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HP Jewellery
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HP Jewellery
HP Jewellery

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