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Helen Jessie Houston
Helen Jessie Houston

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I produce mirrors and blackboards along with other small items, mainly using driftwood and other natural items found on the beach.

I very much believe in recycling and reusing where possible and use recycled mirrors and other materials where I can.

The items that I make are all totally individual and one off. Prices range accordingly to size and materials used, starting at £45 for a blackboard and £50 for a mirror.

I also produce hand printed darkroom photography. This is very much influenced by the shoreline and nature. Close-ups of stones, ropes, frost on leaves. Prices start from £2 for a card to £25 for a small framed and mounted darkroom print. Large prints cost £75.

Year Established: January 2000

Helen Jessie Houston
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Helen Jessie Houston
Helen Jessie Houston

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