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Lisa Hooper - Hoopoe Prints
Lisa Hooper - Hoopoe Prints

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Lisa Hooper lives in Port William, a coastal village in the western reaches of Dumfries and Galloway. She is an artist/printmaker who has recently started to make artists books. Her books are completely hand crafted - the contents and covers consisting of hand made and hand coloured relief prints. Edition sizes are small and her work is inspired by the local landscape, particularly its architechture and the abundant evidence of its prehistory.

To date, all her books are paper-based but she is experimenting with found objects, predominantly from the tideline near her home. Other paper crafts,including batik on paper and japanes paper marbling are also finding a place in her work.
She is currently working on a bird alphabet, one or two copies of which she may bind into artists books.

Year Established: 2000

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Lisa Hooper - Hoopoe Prints
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Lisa Hooper - Hoopoe Prints
Lisa Hooper - Hoopoe Prints

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