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Inge Panneels
Inge Panneels

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Works are often made in series; exploring a central theme through a body of work that may last a few years; such as the “Creation” pieces which explored universal creation mythology (now in Dexia collection, Brussels, Belgium) or the “Sanctuary” series which explored forms of sanctuary (“Nest”, Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Denmark). Following the Liverpool Map (2011) commission for the Museum of Liverpool (UK), the Map-i project has been emerging.

The “Map-i” project has been developed as long-term investigation of space and place. It engages with mapping in art and the map as metaphor specifically by looking at the notion of space from a human perspective; from the infinitesimally small to the sublime of Space. Map-i is based on the premise of interconnectedness: how the observable universe can be broken down into infinitesimally small particles, applicable at both the micro and the macro level, always of course observed from a human point of view and referenced by the ‘i’ in Map-i.

As part of Map-i, several projects have emerged, “Mercator Revisited” solo exhibition (“Compendium” purchased for Mercator Museum, Belgium,2013) and the “Wordsworth and Basho: Walking Poets’” exhibition at the Wordsworth Museum in England in 2014,which was an international collaborative project between UK and Japanese artists, “Working Perspectives” at the John Buchan Museum in 2015, and "Blue Marble" at the National Glass Centre in 2015.

Her work has been described as having a “fantastic stillness” (Homes and Interiors Scotland), "hauntingly beautiful" (Aberdeen Art Gallery), with a "meditative quality” (Crafts). “Her work combines high technical ability with a really creative approach. It is what everyone aims for but which is so hard to achieve.” (Glass in Scotland).

She also teaches part-time at the National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland on the subject of glass and professional practice.
She is also currently undertaking an AHRC funded part-time PhD on the subject of 'Beyond the Map; mapping in art'

Year Established: 1998


Creative Scotland (2010, 2012), Scottish Arts Council (1998, 2002, 2004, 2005), VIZO (1998)

selected for:
British Glass Bienale (2015), European Glass Festival (Poland, 2014)
Young Glass (Ebeltoft Glas Museum, Denmark, 2007)
Art in Architecture Award, Saltire Society (2013, 1999)

commissions for:
Museum of Liverpool, John Gray Centre, Lloyds TSB, British Telecom, Apex Hotels, local authorities as well as private clients.

Inge Panneels
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Inge Panneels
Inge Panneels

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