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Jacquie Mansfield
Jacquie Mansfield

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I live on the west side of Shetland with my husband and four children on a small croft. We moved here in November of 2003 from Hertfordshire in England. I count myself as extremely lucky, Shetland is a beautiful place to bring up children children I wouldn't wish to be anywhere else.

I came across book binding quite by chance. An evening class had just started at my local school and my husband suggested I go. It would be a great way to meet new people. I was made to feel welcome as soon as I walked through the door and every week our teacher, Mary Fraser, nurtured and inspired us to make great new books. She has become a great friend and partner in crime! We now sell our books at local craft events, even at outlets off the Island.

Most of the books that I sell are Medieval Bound, which use no glue but are very robust. They are entirely handcrafted here in Shetland, employing traditional bookbinding methods. Folding, cutting, gluing and pressing. Using - acid free papers, silk headbands and linen threads, where needed.

I use leather, suede and even fish skin, including salmon, perch, wolf fish and stingray. You too can now be the owner of a unique and special Shetland book or just treat a friend.

For that unique and more unusual gift…

Jacquie Mansfield
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Jacquie Mansfield
Jacquie Mansfield

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