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Jaimie MacDonald
Jaimie MacDonald

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My work has evolved from a great interest in reusing materials, and through exploration I have considered the essential characteristics of materials and how they can be recycled to have new life in a completely different context. This transformational approach is just part of my work; it also has to portray something of significance to me.

I am inspired by Scottish landscapes and being Scottish myself it lets helps me to express the connection I have with the country. I explore aspects that I find precious.

My work explores texture and layering, resulting in a feeling of depth, warmth, and beauty. My starting point may seem to some unconventional and not particularly in keeping with traditional Scottish crafts. I predominantly use black and white plastic film containers and through an extensive enquiry of the material, cutting, texturing and forming, drawing out an unexpected empathy with the Scottish environment.

Through my work I also consider the preciousness of the environment and the impact that our wasteful lifestyles have on it.

Jaimie MacDonald
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Jaimie MacDonald
Jaimie MacDonald

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