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Jennefer Hamilton
Jennefer Hamilton

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My work is primarily focused towards natural texture and form. I am fascinated with natural objects ranging from wood to flowers and leaves. Focusing on a small section of these forms is where I see there true surface textures and cracks. Photography is something which makes my work possible giving me inspiration.

I love to work with my hands, being able to experiment with steal and silver allows me to achieve different combinations of forms. My textures are always developed through experimentation with metals; allowing silver to naturally melt and crack is something which can not be drawn or designed in advance.

Giving silver a more rustic and natural texture produces a more unusual image. At first glance my forms are like natural objects, as if they were found from the sea or woodland. This creates an atmosphere of inquisitiveness which I love to see from the viewer.

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Jennefer Hamilton
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Jennefer Hamilton
Jennefer Hamilton

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