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Jennifer Frances Wilson
Jennifer Frances Wilson

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I am a textile artist working in handmade felt and embroidery. I specialise in large scale wallhangings and small framed works for exhibition and commission. My raw materials are merino fleece and various silk fibres which I hand dye using lightfast chemical dyes. I make the felt by a traditional method, laying out the fleece on a reed mat before soaking it with warm water and rolling it in the mat to felt the fibres. In large pieces I use felt inlay for the design components, then add detail and texture with hand stitching in silk and cotton hand dyed threads. Small works are cut from very light-weight felt and pieced with machine and hand embroidery - it is possible to add much finer detail in these items.

My chief source of inspiration is the natural world, particularly plants and flowers and the patterns and textures to be found in the landscape. As I live very near the coast, the wildlife and landscape of the seashore is an important theme.

I use a pallette of warm brilliant colours which are enhanced by the texture of the wool and the lustre of the silk fibres which decorate the surface of the felt.

Jennifer Frances Wilson
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Jennifer Frances Wilson
Jennifer Frances Wilson

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