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Jilli Blackwood Textiles
Jilli Blackwood Textiles

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Jilli Blackwood, originator of the Slash and Show style, is an internationally known textile designer and artist. She is represented in many prestigious museums, corporate, and private collections, worldwide. Her fibre work is wide ranging; from clothing and accessories through bespoke home furnishings to fine art wall hangings.

She is renowned for her embroidery techniques and for combining different fabrics such as silk, leather, and linen to create a colourful, sensual, three-dimensional surface. All fabrics are hand dyed in an inspirational process of artistic alchemy by this modern Scottish Colourist. In addition, Jilli also makes her own fabrics by weaving them on a 24 inch Harris loom.

Jilli’s work breaks down the barrier between craft and art. Each original piece, from a waistcoat to a wall hanging, is bold, elegant, and stylish, and a true work of art. Lastly, Jilli also paints in oil, producing colourful abstract paintings; beautiful, vibrant, simmering surfaces replete with hidden meaning and eroticism.

Jilli Blackwood Textiles
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Jilli Blackwood Textiles
Jilli Blackwood Textiles

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