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John MacKinnon - JMK Designs
John MacKinnon - JMK Designs

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I produce contemporary, modern bespoke furniture. My aim is to make pieces which have clean, elegant and sweeping lines and forms. Many of my pieces have a strong architectural element, using details reminiscent of those found on a much larger scale. I am interested in using high quality birch ply with edges exposed to allow the structure of the ply to become evident.
Additionally, I use solid timber (mainly sycamore or maple, ash, yew and elm) with inlays of exotic materials such as ivory, tortoiseshell, abalone, etc. (nowadays available in the form of high quality artificial substitute materials), and timber stringing and banding, and timber veneers and inlays. I am also interested in incorporating various other materials such as Perspex, glass, metal and fabrics as decorative elements. All materials are from renewable sources.
Types of item designed and made can include boxes, instrument cases, trophies, ecclesiastical furniture, garden furniture, free standing indoor and outdoor furniture, boat fittings, new kitchen or bathroom doors and drawers and furniture repairs.

Year Established: 2000

John MacKinnon - JMK Designs
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John MacKinnon - JMK Designs
John MacKinnon - JMK Designs

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