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Jo Gallant
Jo Gallant

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I produce a range of cushions in abstract and semi-figurative designs in glowing colours and rich textures achieved using a combination of dye-painting, machine embroidery and quilting, and the putting together of fabrics with contrasting and complementary textures such as velvet and silk dupion.

I also make one-off wall-hangings, many done to commission, in which I use a wide variety of techniques and combinations of materials from fine silk organzas and deep rich velvets to pieces of plastic flotsam and sea-washed glass collected from beaches.

Some pieces are semi three-dimensional and they range in size from about 30cm square to panels covering whole walls. The fabrics are hand-dyed and chosen to exploit the way in which different materials will take the dye and reflect colour and light in different ways as well as the immediate response to particular textures. I also use transparency to play with ideas concerning light, reflection, shadow and movement. While my work is strongly influenced by landscape and the environment, I am now moving increasingly towards the abstract.

Year Established: April 1987

Jo Gallant
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Jo Gallant
Jo Gallant

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