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After living in Cornwall for 25 years working with art (painting) and exhibiting in London and Cornwall, Just us, small business, started in Thurso, Caithness nearly five years ago with an aspiration to make leather work, hand made only, using traditional skills in a novel and contemporary way.

Starting with small work, designed as necklaces and brooches using un-dyed leather (rawhide) and working by hand. Attending local (to Thurso) craft fairs and doing a lot of product research/customer needs Just us developed the work into seven basic designs all original and took the work to larger craft fairs around Scotland with success.

Inspired by leather workers and crafts people from many years and a solid background in the Arts for many years the leather work is now tested and skilled. Brooches, necklaces, wall hangings and bowls. Product is designed for sale at craft fairs and trade outlets - prices range from £22 - £35. As a new and original artisan skill the customer feedback has been very important to pricing the work and its style.

Year Established: 2010


Invited to have work in the Castle of Mey, Caithness
Invited to have work in the Seagull gallery, Glasgow
Applauded by leather workers many years in the trade.

Just us
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Just us
Just us

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