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Karim Higazy
Karim Higazy

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I work mainly in Sterling Silver incorporating semi-precious stones and lab grown faceted gemstones into my designs. The richness of lab rubies, amethysts and emeralds reflects to me the colours of Egypt, my home country. The bold style which I favour conjures up images of the grandeur of Egypt's past.

The Gemstones themselves lure me into complimentary designs just as a particular design or stone compliments the wearer.

Although I am virtually self taught, I have absorbed the techniques used by jewellers in Egypt through frequenting the workshops of Cairo for many years. Being a Poet I have an awareness of the natural flow and rhythm which is a necessary part of beauty, be it in words, pictures or precious pieces of jewellery.

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Karim Higazy
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Karim Higazy
Karim Higazy

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