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Kate Anderson
Kate Anderson

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Kate Anderson Mosaics fuses elements from Kate's background in painting and sculpture.
Her qualifications include a 1st Class Hons. degree in Fine Art, a Post-graduate Commonwealth Award for Sculpture to India and Craft Makers and Craft Marketing awards.She has practised her artwork since 1978 and established Kate Anderson Mosaics from her studio base near Kirkcudbright in 2002.She runs studio and college based block workshops in Scotland,and the U.K. Her body of work ranges from abstract to symbolic imagery.She is most interested in translating ideas and themes through a wide variety of materials, including vitreous glass, painted ceramics, stone, smalti and other man-made and natural products. She uses hand-painted ceramic techniques to make highly textured surfaces and spatial depth in individual projects.The main body of work is carried out using the Direct Method.
Imaginative themes of folklore, memory and recurring symbolism make up exhibitions in the form of medium to large sized wall mosaics, as well as three-dimensional pieces. All combine poignant colours and evocative textures. Most are made using Direct Mosaic techniques.Her work has shown in the U.K.,France, India and America.

Kate likes the challenge of commissioned work in which research plays a strong part, and where there is most scope for imaginative interpretation. Her aim is to create mosaic pieces that are not purely decorative, but which evoke questions and suggest ideas .

Year Established: Kate Anderson Mosaics established 2002.


Ist Class Honours degree in Fine Art
Post-graduate Commonwealth award in Sculpture for India
Craftmakers Award
Art and Craft Marketing award

Kate Anderson
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Kate Anderson
Kate Anderson

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