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Brad Askew - Kiss My Glass
Brad Askew - Kiss My Glass

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I got the bug for glass during visits to museums and galleries around the world, especially in the Czech Republic, and a weekend course a few years ago sealed my fate. Once I got my hands on my own kiln my imagination could take over. Each and every day I see colours, textures and patterns that I try out in my imagination as a piece of glass art. The serendipity of opening the kiln and seeing what influence physics and gravity have had on my initial design are always a thrill, especially the purely abstract pieces.

The play of light over the surface and through a piece is endlessly fascinating. Freestanding pieces near a bright light source throw the colours around the surfaces nearby or with subtle lighting, glow with an inner life. I prefer the jewel colours of vibrant glass but also appreciate the subtle effects and depth of metals and foils with clear or pastel glasses.

My next avenue is to create large architectural pieces for water features and wall installations. I am learning to weld so I can combine sculpture and glass in freestanding designs.

Year Established: July 2004

Brad Askew - Kiss My Glass
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Brad Askew - Kiss My Glass
Brad Askew - Kiss My Glass

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