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Kitty Clark

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Having been fascinated by clay, with its boundless versatility since I can remember I now produce from my workshop in Aberdeen. Although mainly self taught I have studied at various times at both Aberdeen College and Grays School of Art.

The 'ilks' are, I suppose, a representation of the belief that whilst we are all very unique, we are not so far apart. As such they are a clay embodiment of my mental notes from people watching. A distillation of key character traits moulded by finger and thumb into humorous three-dimensional illustrations.

This theme is one which I have been pursuing for the past four years and find that clay, with it’s beguiling and often maddeningly unpredictable ways is the perfect medium for instilling each 'ilk' with their own gait and subdued energy. Whilst experimentation with different clays and glazing methods has led to the production of many oddly shaped wee folk over the years the elegant made today are handbuilt using stoneware and decorated with oxides. Or more recently soda glazed porcelain, which fires at a high temperature and gives a strong textured finish.

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Kitty Clark
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Kitty Clark
Kitty Clark

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