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Lindsey Bain Gallacher
Lindsey Bain Gallacher

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Lindsey graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with 1st class honours in Silversmithing and jewellery in 2000. She has practiced as a contemporary jeweller for many years exhibiting nationally and internationally. In 2010 Lindsey developed art work using jewellery binding wire creating 'drawings with wire' where she won a national prize through Country Living magazine. But moving back home to her county of Caithness she has been moved by a wealth of inspiration to create contemporary jewellery using caithness flagstone and precious metals. Her experimentation with this stone has resulted in being awarded money to develop her creativity through Highland Arts and Craft Award, Xpo North, Creative Scotland and Highlife Scotland.

Year Established: August 2009


1st class honours in Design and Applied Arts majoring in Jewellery and Silversmithing
Best Artist, Country Living Magazine ‘Kitchen Table Talent Awards

Helen A. Rose Bequest for distinguished work in final year

Kirk Inches Bursary Award

Lindsey Bain Gallacher
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Lindsey Bain Gallacher
Lindsey Bain Gallacher

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