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Little Lads and Lassies
Little Lads and Lassies

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Approximately 35 years ago, Pat began sewing these smiling faced dolls to make extra money for Christmas gifts. Of course, she sewed them for her own children, her grandchildren and even for herself. Soon friends began to request dolls for their family members and all of a sudden, Pat has begun a new "job" and making a little extra spending money! :)
Pat lovingly sews each doll one-at-a-time giving each an embroidered smiling face, cloth hair and a body stuffed with premium polyester fiberfill. An additional option would be to embroider a heart on the chest of the doll with the name of your child inside. The dolls are 50cm tall.
The doll outfits vary based on either Pat's own ideas or a customer's specific request. Because Pat creates her own patterns for the outfits, most can typically end up as unique, one-of-a-kind outfits.
These dolls would make a great gift for your child, your grandchild, or even your own inner-child.

Year Established: 2012


1st Place Blue Ribbon for Best in Show
Lakeridge 2014

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Little Lads and Lassies
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Little Lads and Lassies
Little Lads and Lassies

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