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Liz & Michael O'Donnell
Liz & Michael O'Donnell

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Working with native sycamore and beech rather than strongly coloured exotic timbers, inspired Liz and Michael O'Donnell to explore unusual ways of adding colour and character to their work.

Together they have developed an attractive and innovative range of wares which combine turning with painting, staining and many other decorative techniques.

This has led to them exhibiting and teaching around the world, in Scandinavia, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, and South Africa.

Their books on woodturning and decorative techniques have been published by GMC publications. They have also produced video's to accompany their books.

Year Established: 1974

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Liz & Michael O'Donnell
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Liz & Michael O'Donnell
Liz & Michael O'Donnell

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