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Lynsey Walters
Lynsey Walters

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Lynsey is a Textile Designer based in Edinburgh; she creates beautiful scarves, handbags, and jewellery pieces that combine delightful naivety with traditional craft techniques. All her pieces are designed and handmade by her, making no two the same.

While at The Royal College London she developed several unique felting techniques. My work is inspired by my garden and by my collections and by my love of colour. I have developed several felting techniques which I believe are unique to me, this is because, despite spending 6 years studying textiles I have never been officially taught how to ‘felt’.

She combines these techniques with sumptuous natural materials such as merino wool and silk tulle as well as found objects, her style is very much old methods with a modern twist. Her pieces are incredibly tactile; with combinations of hand felting and hand embroidery, the textural effect is both unique and vibrant.

Year Established: 2000

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Lynsey Walters
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Lynsey Walters
Lynsey Walters

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