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Knot Unknot
Knot Unknot

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Much of my work is based around specific projects exploring themes in science and maths. These ideas often centre around finding the exotic in the mundane, weaving new narratives from familiar objects.

I produce a range of textile accessories (jewellery and scarves) - knitted and felted work which explores both texture and structure.

The latest addition to my studio set-up is a domestic knitting machine which I have hacked to interface with my laptop. This allows me to create wall hangings and shawls with a non-repeating pattern more or less directly from photographs or other images.


Nominated for Heriot-Watt Principal's Public Engagement Prize on the basis of Botanica Mathematica science/craft project

ASCUS Art-Science Collaboration grant 2011-12

Founder member of Craft Reactor collective.

Knot Unknot
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Knot Unknot
Knot Unknot

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