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Maggie Longstaff
Maggie Longstaff

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My work is entirely ceramic pictures. I use stoneware clay and utilise highly decorative artistic glazes and enamels.

The pictures are made using a commercial slab roller, which compresses and rolls out the clay into thin sheets onto which a design is traced. The clay sheet is cut up into smaller tile pieces in sympathy with the design. These are then biscuit fired, then glazed and fired numerous times with artistic glazes. After reassembly, grouting and fixing to a board, they are framed.

Because ceramic pictures are unaffected by sunlight, water or steam, they are ideally hung in conservatories, kitchens or bathrooms. Larger pictures (murals) are suitable for hospitals or hotels.

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Maggie Longstaff
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Maggie Longstaff
Maggie Longstaff

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