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Natalie Vardey
Natalie Vardey

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I have been knitting, crocheting and weaving precious metals for years, developing the traditional skills I was taught as a small child, literally at my mother’s and grandmother’s knees. I am currently developing a range of silver and acrylic pieces which play on the interaction of light transference and reflections. Some pieces have moving parts and in others the movement is just an illusion.

I lived by the sea, without electricity, on a small island off the west coast of Scotland for many years. Elemental extremes and resourcefulness are an integral part of life in such an environment and my approach to work evolved to embrace the lack of power rather than be frustrated by it. Although I now have electricity, I live in an area is susceptible to power cuts. I frequently remind myself that for thousands of years jewellers have made intricate work in natural light, work that survives and inspires. My respect, understanding and admiration for them increases with each “outage”.

A jeweller’s average working focal length is usually about 8” and so looking out at the views from my window of the wide horizons of southwest Scotland are an essential part of my life. Changing light alters these perspectives, giving a framework and balance to everything that I do.

Year Established: 1990


I trained at Sir John Cass School of Art in Whitechapel, London. We studied diamond nmounting and all aspects of jewellery making. There I won the South Sea Pearl Award, and worked in the trade in London and Brighton before moving to Scotland and self employemnt. I established my current studio on the mainland after living on Eigg for 11 years

Natalie Vardey
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Natalie Vardey
Natalie Vardey

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