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Native North focuses mainly on furniture and textiles, designing new pieces as well as redesigning and reworking older items. Influences are derived from cultures around the world, including African, Asian and Mezo-American textiles and how they combine with Shaker and Huguenot artisan wood-craft. These influences are underpinned by a knowledge of contemporary Scandinavian design and construction sensibilities. The pieces offer a sense of bohemian living and faded colonial grandeur, remixed for the modern, design-conscious home.

By combining the old with the new we produce pieces of furniture and design that are both visually unusual and invitingly tactile. Techniques such as seat weaving have been reworked using unfamiliar materials to achieve stunning and unique results.

We strive to minimise our impact on the environmental by using traditional hand tools, limiting the use of machinery and where possible looking to utilise recycled raw materials keeping a constant lookout for new green products. Other raw materials are sourced as locally as possible to further reduce any environmental footprint. The use of solvents and harmful chemicals are avoided instead favouring traditional or natural paints and finishes.

David Hughes has an NQ and an HND in Furniture Design, Craft and Restoration.

Year Established: 2013


HND Furniture Design Craft and Restoration
Setting up Native North
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Native North
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Native North
Native North

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