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Nicola Morrison Jewellery
Nicola Morrison Jewellery

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My work consists of an eclectic mix of textured components made from precious metals. The textures I create are based on a range of inspirations including the work of contemporary Japanese textiles and the work of Lucienne Day. I currently produce two ranges of jewellery called 'Square Components' and 'Segments'.

I create textures on metal through rollprinting a range of different papers including handmade paper from Japan. To highlight and contrast the different textures, I oxidise silver and use different carats of yellow gold. In many pieces, such as my brooches, the components are held within silver or steel wire frames.

My collection of work ranges from precious metal earrings, bangles, cufflinks, brooches to large steel neckpieces and interlocking steel brooches.

I was recently awarded the 'Craft Makers Award: Dundee' in December 2009 from Dundee City Council and the Scottish Arts Council. This will enable me to develop my 'Segments' collection for a solo show in 2011.

Year Established: 2003

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Nicola Morrison Jewellery
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Nicola Morrison Jewellery
Nicola Morrison Jewellery

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