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Janet O'Donnell - oddesigns
Janet O'Donnell - oddesigns

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The name oddesigns not only incorporates my surname but reflects my love of the unique. Though there may be similarities between pieces of my work no two are the same. If you like regimentation and repetition then it is probably not for you.

I live in a beautiful area of Scotland and can‘t help but be influenced by what is around me. I incorporate the colours of the landscape in many of my textiles and, in my jewellery, enhance the natural beauty of beach stones with silver.

My textiles utilise techniques such as weaving, knitting and sewing and because I want the colour and texture to predominate I keep to very simple structures like scarves and wraps.

Many of the woven scarves are made from rayon chenille because it has a wonderful velvety finish, drapes beautifully and takes colour well. Some of the pieces are hand-painted with Procion dyes and others are woven in an unusual mixture of asymmetrical stripes and checks.

An amazing, jewel-like yarn is used for the knitted scarves and feathers are entrapped between layers of diaphanous fabric to create dreamlike, translucent evening wraps.

Janet O'Donnell - oddesigns
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Janet O'Donnell - oddesigns
Janet O'Donnell - oddesigns

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