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Pamela Spencer
Pamela Spencer

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I came to live in Scotland in 2003 after teaching art at a high school in Yorkshire. I use a range of fabrics such as silks, chiffons and nets employing techniques that include fabric painting, applique, quilting and machine embroidery. I am currently inspired by themes such as nature, local views and objects and subjects around me. I like to create pieces that allow the manipulation of many different textiles and techniques and am interested in the way form, colour and texture can work together to produce an image. Although my natural inclination is towards making abstract images I am currently involved in making figurative but stylized pieces with the emphasis on the relationships between the visual and material elements. I sometimes refer to my pictures as textile 'paintings' because that is what is in my mind when I am working. The stitching is the line, cross hatched shading, detail, etc., and the various layers of fabrics are the paint. I also create shading by overlaying chiffons and nets. I always frame my pictures in plain wooden frames and to date the smallest is 6"x8" aand the largest 28"x42" including frames. The pictures are inspired by a broad ranage of things and currently include landscape, animals, birds, fish, lighthouses.

Year Established: 2004

Pamela Spencer
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Pamela Spencer
Pamela Spencer

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