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Cecil Tait - Paparwark Furniture
Cecil Tait - Paparwark Furniture

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Paparwark Furniture specialises in designing and manufacturing quality furniture from a variety of hardwoods and veneers, aiming to provide a service for clients who envision unique pieces of furniture for their living environment. By working closely with the client, their requirements are transformed and refined into quality finished products. Many of the pieces are inspired from the culture and natural environment in Shetland. Shapes and forms from the clients interests and hobbies are incorporated into the designs. This creates a very personal and individual piece of furniture.

Traditional furniture making techniques are used to produce quality pieces. Some of the contemporary pieces involve innovative use of these techniques to create the required complex design shapes. The finish of the product is also very important. To enhance the natural beauty of the wood, either oil or shellac and waxed finishes are used which subtly bring out the warmth and depth of the timber.

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Cecil Tait - Paparwark Furniture
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Cecil Tait - Paparwark Furniture
Cecil Tait - Paparwark Furniture

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