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Phillipa Weaser - Pip Weaser
Phillipa Weaser - Pip Weaser

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My work is centred on my home and the Argyll woods around me. Using only local materials, I weave objects to hold a memory of a season and a place.

Using the natural colours and scent of grasses, leaves, flowers, twigs, creepers and climbers and with traditional basketry techniques Pip Weaser aims to combine an ancient craft with the instinct that creates a daisy chain, or an ornate birds nest. Buds flowers and leaves form an integral part of the subtly shaded pieces.

She works in the tradition of hedgerow basketry and with indigenous and cultivated plant fibres sustainably harvested from or within ten miles of her garden overlooking Loch Melfort. Grown and made in Argyll, Scotland her baskets are founded on locally grown coloured bark willow. Each is unique and basketry is used as an expressive language to create functional and/or sculptural contemporary forms and living willow structures. She is fascinated by traditional techniques and demonstrates at local museums and events.

Plantweave; Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, 2002
Elemental Artists; Craobh Haven, 2002
Stables; Gallery, Lunga, 2002
Artisan; Edinburgh Festival 2002
Scottish Select, SECC Glasgow 2003
New Formations 3; The Lighthouse Glasgow 2003
Contemporary Baskets; Manchester Centre for Craft and Design 2003
Gold; Gallery, Edinburgh 2003
Wavyline; Gallery, Ardfern, 2003
Branching Out; Campbeltown Museum, 2003
6 Argyll Artists; Benmore Gardens 2003
All Wrapped Up; Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, 2003/04

Also a member of The Basketmakers Association, Elemental Arts and Lorn Arts and Crafts Association.

Phillipa Weaser - Pip Weaser
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Phillipa Weaser - Pip Weaser
Phillipa Weaser - Pip Weaser

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