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Rob Elliot Furniture
Rob Elliot Furniture

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Rob Elliot has seized the opportunity to fulfil a dream. Since 1988, he has built on the experience of three generations of woodworkers to design bespoke furniture using only locally grown timber.

Bringing his inherent skills to the natural beauty of the wood, Rob Elliot has succeeded in producing furniture to be treasured; furniture sought out by householder and connoisseur alike. It is difficult to stand beside a piece of Rob Elliot’s warm, inviting furniture and not touch it!

The ‘Conception Cabinet’ shown, was judged ‘Most Popular Work of 1999’, in the prestigious ‘Visual Arts Scotland’ exhibition at The Royal Scottish Academy and is only one piece in a unique range, which reaches from child’s chair to Boardroom Table.

Rob Elliot works mainly in Wych Elm and makes a point of using only trees that have died naturally, ensuring no living trees are felled to make this richly patterned, handcrafted furniture.

Year Established: 1988

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Rob Elliot Furniture
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Rob Elliot Furniture
Rob Elliot Furniture

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