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Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson

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I use stoneware clays firing to 1300c. My most recent work was in saltglaze stoneware.

My intention is to build a gas fired trolley kiln in 2005, then a wood -fired olsen style kiln.

My pots are developing into vessels for ritual and sacred spaces, images of nature spirits, gods and goddess's of the northern patheons, elves, dwarfs and birds heads adhorn my pots.

Mythology, folklore and legends of the indigenous cultures of the northern rim are major sources of inspiration and spark my imagination.

Found objects are used to decorate my work by scoring and impressing. Additional enhancements are added to some of my vessels e.g. leather straps, feathers, buttons, shells and coins.

In my next phase of work I will be developing slips and glazes based on local earths, clays and woodash.

Figurative sculpture is another area I intend to explore using paper clay and low - firing techniques.

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Robert Johnson
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Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson

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