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Robert Cameron
Robert Cameron

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I hand-make containers categorizable as pocket and wallet envelopes notwithstanding that the flaps and the mouth are asymmetrical. Compared with conventional envelopes with their symmetrical flaps and mouth - a characteristic which evolved from a fashionable early-Victorian handcrafting practice into a design constraint - they are demonstrably easier to make and more functional.

In some cases I make them because the decorative features of the material are interesting. In others because the fabric represents a test for the adaptability of the mathematics-based Camfold rectangular-blank pattern, which is utilised for all of my containers, whatever the size.

I use/re-use any kind of plain or decorative material found domestically, as long as it is relatively and suitably thin and pliable. For example : paper (machine-made, handmade, recycled, scrap), cellophane, plastic, felt, linen, leather, silk.

By far my largest collection is “designer” paper containers/envelopes with the frontal appearance and size of an illustrated or pictorial postcard. They have a 1.4 to 1 aspect ratio, and the image is selected from illustrated source material (such as pages of magazines, brochures, journals, newspapers, and discarded books) with the aid of a commercially-available template which I devised some years ago as an aid to artistic expression.

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Robert Cameron
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Robert Cameron
Robert Cameron

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