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Roland Fraser
Roland Fraser

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I have come to furniture making from a furniture history and antique restoration background and I make items of furniture including chairs, cupboards and chests utilising salvaged wood. The work is inspired by British vernacular furniture of the 16th-19th century but the resulting objects are of a contemporary nature.

I like the crude functionalism exhibited in much of this early furniture and its loose structure, which often utilised drift wood and other found materials. With a similar outlook I recycle wood with interesting patination and paint surfaces and incorporate them into my furniture. As an example, I have created a chair based on a 19th century Orkney 'lambing' chair. Inspired by the interesting wear on the treads, I used an old staircase for the structure.

My cupboards are derived from a Welsh form popular in the 18th century but the use of salvaged wood for inlay and the barrel staved surround make for a contemporary interpretation. The chests take their form from 16th century precedents but make modern references in carved caricatured profile heads.

I have an improvised approach to making work where the individual found materials are what inspire and often dictate the resulting piece of furniture.

Other outlets in Scotland:
Henderson Gallery, Edinburgh
Fischer Gallery, Pittenweem

Year Established: April 1995

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Roland Fraser
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You can also find my work at

Roland Fraser
Roland Fraser

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