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Sarah Keay
Sarah Keay

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My work is primarily based on the art forms that can be found in nature, especially deriving from the sea and sea creatures. The pieces involve numerous experiments with various colours, textures and forms, along with strong links to the natural world. The wide variety of materials used, challenges the traditional roles of jewellery. Wool, florists wire, rubber balls, enamel paints and found objects are mixed with rich materials such as gold, platinum leaf and pearls to produce lightweight, sculptural, contemporary forms to adorn the body. Once worn, the pieces come alive with movement, evoking creatures such as sea slugs, to entire coral reefs, suspended from the wearer. Experimentation with new techniques and materials allows my jewellery to continually develop and diversify.

Year Established: July 2003

Sarah Keay
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Sarah Keay
Sarah Keay

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