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Shaeron Averbuch
Shaeron Averbuch

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Much of my current work is arrived at as a site specific responses to a particular interior or exterior space or building. My work is contemporary. The work is functional when appropriate to make it as such. I am interested in new processes and new materials, however, I am equally interested in the scope to be inventive with traditional materials and to use recycled objects and materials.

I work on a variety of projects and commissioned works. I enjoy working in mixed media and on small and large scale projects. My work has become more sculptural, however, I equally enjoy designing and making small intricate details. I have experience of ceramics, textiles, mosaic and jewellery making and large scale sculptural installation.

I love experimenting with colour, shape and form. I aim for my work to be decorative, tactile and a little bit quirky. I like my work to have popular appeal and to be engaging.

Flower Garland, my most current work, is both a craft product and an art installation. I produce a range of Flower Garlands from different materials including cards and papers and from a range of metals with various surface finishes and applied colours.

Year Established: 2001

Shaeron Averbuch
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Shaeron Averbuch
Shaeron Averbuch

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