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Shetland Collection - Doreen Brown
Shetland Collection  -  Doreen Brown

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How rewarding and satisfying my knitting career has been, from winning my first prize book in primary 2 called 'The Magic Knitting Needles' to where I am today, designing and producing knitwear which is admired worldwide. I have been invited to Japan to demonstrate the craft four times and have had my designs printed in various knitting books. I have had several commissions, the most famous was the Fair Isle ponies which went viral and as a result I was invited to New York and Toronto to meet the media and promote the Homecoming 2014 and Ryder cup. We are still reaping the rewards with film crews coming from America promoting the Shetland Isles in travel programmes etc.

Year Established: Jul-80

Shetland Collection - Doreen Brown
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Shetland Collection - Doreen Brown
Shetland Collection - Doreen Brown

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