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Shimara Carlow
Shimara Carlow

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My jewellery is organic and tactile with most of my inspiration taken directly from nature, primarily seed pods. I use silver, 18ct gold and silk paper to create my jewellery, which is constructed from individual acorn cup and daisy units assembled to create both large and small scale pieces of jewellery. I make the acorn cups and daisies individually from reticulated and formed silver and 18ct gold disks and moulded silk paper. The cups are assembled to hang in long articulated chains or set in to intricate wire structures that adorn the body.

My silversmithing range is all based on pod vessels; I create small and large pod vessels, bowls, carafes and tableware. I use fine silver and 24ct gold to create these pieces, which are all hand raised, from flat sheets of metal. I use hammers and mallets to add surface texture and decoration to the pieces, and acid to take the silver surface back to its natural white state. The vessels are constructed to be free standing and off centre, giving them a natural fluid quality. I have created silk paper models that are viewed and exhibited alongside their silver counterparts

Year Established: 2001

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Shimara Carlow
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Shimara Carlow
Shimara Carlow

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