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Sjarifah Roberts Ceramics
Sjarifah Roberts Ceramics

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When I am out in the landscape, particularly in the wilder places I am aware of energy, a vibrancy that pervades all things. Each item has its own sense of being. Outdoors, it can seem that the forms in the land are alive. Standing stones have a presence, trees seem to be listening, and mountains have personality, sometimes like a brooding animal or sleeping peacefully, but always alive. Weather, nature and man, have left their marks. My work is about these things.

I make ceramic forms that contain something of this energy and sense of being. They are mainly sculptural, abstract and range in size from a few inches in height to 3 or 4 feet.

I make marks on clay and manipulate them by stretching the clay so that the texture formed relates to textures found in the landscape. These textured pieces are made into forms that again have a resonance with aspects of what I see and feel particularly in wilderness places. I experiment with form, colour as well as texture and spend time outdoors making sketches and taking photographs. I work mainly with stoneware clays and fire several times at different temperatures in an electric kiln.

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Sjarifah Roberts Ceramics
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Sjarifah Roberts Ceramics
Sjarifah Roberts Ceramics

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