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Ken Parsons - Spectrawax Lighting
Ken Parsons - Spectrawax Lighting

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Totally unique and innovative work in wax and resin laminates which have been developed over 30 years of full time craft and art practise.

I have created wax lampshades which give the soft light of candles, which have incredibly intricate 'jewel-like' details only seen previously in the best millefiore Venetian glass. Designs come in limited editions of up to 5. All designs are abstract and universal, they have been often compared to the work of Gustav Klimt. Amazingly counter-intuitive works, these shades do not melt because they use long-life, eco friendly, low wattage mini fluorescents and the latest long life epoxy resins. In the last 3 years I have built and shown a 'Wax Room' at the Edinburgh Festival and currently at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. This is a room built using 106 sq. metres of this unique laminate, in the words of the Birmingham Post 'sumptuously and unashamedly beautiful' see

Awards won are: John Logie Baird Award for Innovation 1999 Lighting Association Best new decorative Lighting 1998

Year Established: 1974

Ken Parsons - Spectrawax Lighting
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Ken Parsons - Spectrawax Lighting
Ken Parsons - Spectrawax Lighting

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