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Roselyne O'Neill
Roselyne O'Neill

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I studied Art & Design in the early 1990's in Aberdeen and worked for a short time in Graphic Design before having family. I started to learn the basic techniques of traditional stained glass art about 12 years ago from a local accomplished glass studio. Since then I have passionately explored and studied the many ways of using glass on my creative journey. From the basics of leaded glass panels and copper foiled pieces to gilding, mosaic, restoration and glass painting including the ancient decorative art of verre eglomise. Successfully recognised as a painter as well as a glass artist, I have artwork and glasswork held in private collections internationally as well as nationwide. I exhibit in local galleries and select shops with some interest and sales also being generated via online social media.
My work is continuosly influenced by my lifelong love of the horse but does not stop there as a subject and is always progressing. Inspiration often comes from the very beauty of the glass itself and sometimes I design based on a particular piece of glass.

Year Established: 2006-present


Art & Design qualification
Gordon Forum for the Arts Awards
Prizewinner Art contest Horses In Art, USA
Temporary opportunity at MorningGlassStudio working on full restoration of a Rose Window, Danbury Church, Aberdeen

Roselyne O'Neill
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Roselyne O'Neill
Roselyne O'Neill

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