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Helen Gallogly - Textiles
Helen Gallogly - Textiles

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My work is inspired by many things... traditional botanical illustrations, historic textiles, horror, ghost stories and folk tales to botanical life, animal life, taxidermy, museum collections, architecture and archaeology. My interests are fairly varied, though relationships between many of these things feature in my work.

My parents had an antique/ second hand furniture shop for many years, called 'Magpie Corner' . My sisters and I grew up around the shop and many of the more interesting things there ended up back at our house. My love of antiques and curiosities grew from this exposure, the connection with these things was strong even back then and the interest and influence has never left me.

In June 2014 I begun working for the Starz British-American TV series Outlander within the Costume department, as their Textile Artist. It has been the most incredible experience to design, print and paint Textile pieces for various principle characters, within season 1 and currently for season 2. Most of my work will feature in season 2, which is currently in production. Some images of my work to date can be viewed within my blog, see link below!


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Helen Gallogly - Textiles
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Helen Gallogly - Textiles
Helen Gallogly - Textiles

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