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Alastair Seaman - The Real Sgian Dubh Co.
Alastair Seaman - The Real Sgian Dubh Co.

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Welcome to the Real Sgian Dubh Company. The sgian dubh is the traditional Scottish knife worn as part of ceremonial Highland dress. Sgian dubhs are our passion. We use natural materials and traditional methods to create exquisite hand-crafted knives of distinction. The use of real materials and real craftsmanship mean that each of our sgian dubhs is uniquely beautiful.

That's what makes us different. Most sgian dubhs are now mass-produced by machines and have plastic handles and sheaths. We exist to give you an alternative - beautiful knives that are designed and individually crafted with great care - knives that are a pleasure to see, to hold and to own.

All our sgian dubhs are sold directly to customers through our web site, helping to make our knives affordable as well as beautiful. You won't find better value anywhere.

As well as buying a Real Sgian Dubh, you can find out more about the history of this fascinating knife, discover how our knives are specially crafted and learn about how to care for your Real Sgian Dubh. You can also learn about how our business supports traditional craftsmen and contributes to health and development work in Nepal. Whether you are looking for a special gift, something to complement a highland outfit or simply appreciate the beauty of traditional knives hand-crafted with skill and dedication, we hope you will one day enjoy having your own Real Sgian Dubh.

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Alastair Seaman - The Real Sgian Dubh Co.
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Alastair Seaman - The Real Sgian Dubh Co.
Alastair Seaman - The Real Sgian Dubh Co.

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