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Tim Palmer
Tim Palmer

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Baskets are primarily functional, mostly designed to be containers in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. I use traditional English and Irish techniques as well as spiral weave to produce a wide variety of baskets. Sizes range from 3 inches to 6 feet and larger (with prices to match), but I prefer working with robust materials. Although working mainly with a variety of different coloured willows, I use other materials including lime, birch and larch twigs, birch bark and ash. Unusual wood is sometimes used for a base. Ceramics have been incorporated in some pieces

Different materials and techniques provide almost limitless possibilites for experimentation, and as a result some of my work is primarily decorative. As well as being led by the possibilities of the materials, other art forms, for example ceramics, provide inspiration and challenges, what is easy to achieve in one material may be much more difficult in another.

I produce work for retail outlets, to commission and for my own satisfaction. I teach around the Highlands, Orkney and Aberdeenshire, and try not only to introduce people to the craft but also to bring home to them the skill and care that goes into a well made basket.

Tim Palmer
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Tim Palmer
Tim Palmer

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