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Trevor Leat
Trevor Leat

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My sculptural work has evolved from the study and practice of traditional basketry techniques and coppice work over many years. It has allowed me to develop a more fluid form of weaving that can capture the grace and movement of the human or animal body. Each willow rod added is like a sketched pencil line. Some times my figures are influenced by yoga and tai chi practice and here the use of steel rod adds strength to the pose. My animal sculptures can range from familiar woodland creatures to those of myth and fantasy.

Large scale works for festival and performance events are made collaboratively as 'leatrigg'. They have become much admired in Scotland and beyond at events such as Edinburgh Hogmanay Celebrations and the Wickerman Festival

I also make commissioned pieces for gardens, public places and schools such as willow arbours, seats, fences, hurdles and arches as well as interior panels and screens for features in architectural designs.

I grow old varieties of willow locally in Galloway and the long coloured rods are the harvested material that I weave into a range of traditional and contemporary baskets, creels, trugs and coffins.

I teach courses widely and my work has been shown both nationally and internationally.

You can view my work at: and

Trevor Leat
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Trevor Leat
Trevor Leat

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